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This service is offered by Concierge Solutions exclusively for the tenants of Brookfield Properties Ernst and Young Plaza.

Disclaimer: Brookfield Properties is not affiliated with Concierge Solutions and is not a party to any ticket sales by Concierge Solutions. Brookfield Properties disclaims any and all liabilities or damages that result from the sale of tickets by Concierge Solutions or with respect to the related entertainment events.

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Ordering Information

  1. Ticket prices sometimes change.  To insure that you have the current price, please click the refresh button on your browser before ordering.
  2. Find the item you would like to purchase,
  3. Select your building from the drop-down menu,
  4. Please include your phone number and suite number in the field,
  5. Click the "add to cart" button.

  • All orders to be paid for by credit cards only, via Paypal.
  • Note: The Paypal form prompts you to list your home shipping address, but please remember we do not ship tickets to your home; tickets are delivered to your building only.
  • All tickets should be ordered by 4:00 PM on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery and by 4:00 PM on Thursday for Friday delivery.
  • If your tickets are not at your suite by 12:30 PM on Wednesday or by 12:30 PM on Friday, please call
    the Ernst & Young Plaza office at 213-955-7170.
  • A handling fee has been added to the price of some tickets.
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Some tickets have an expiration date and some tickets have blackout dates. Please check these dates before making your purchase.
  • All ticket sales are final and are subject to availability. No exchanges or refunds.
  • Orders of 20 or more tickets may require additional time for delivery.
  • The use of an e-check will delay your order by a week while your check clears.
  • Confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

Contact Information
For questions or assistance, please email Concierge Solutions, or call 310-837-0630.

AMC: Black Ticket
(AMC is no longer offering its Green ticket.)
$ 11.00
Subject to surcharge for 3D, premium large screen format (e.g., IMAX®, AMC Prime®), alternative content, dine-in-theatres, film festivals, special theatrical presentations and premium services; location surcharges may also apply at select locations, including Disney and Universal properties operated by AMC. Local surcharges NO LONGER apply at Santa Anita 16, Burbank 16, Burbank 6, Burbank 8, and Century City 15. The Disney exclusion has been removed. AMC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice, including changes and additions to surcharge fees, restrictions or exclusions.
Regular $ 12.00 - $ 13.50
E & Y Plaza Suite Number
Your Contact Phone Number

PACIFIC: Restricted Ticket*
$ 9.00
E & Y Plaza Suite Number
Your Contact Phone Number
Regular $ 10.75 - $13.75

REGAL/UA/EDWARDS: Unrestricted Blue Ticket
(Newly released movies)
$ 9.50
E & Y Plaza Suite Number
Your Contact Phone Number
Regular $10.00 - $11.50

(2 Unrestricted Tickets,
$10 certificate for concessions)
$ 28.00
E & Y Plaza Suite Number
Your Contact Phone Number
Regular $ 30.00

$ 10.00

E & Y Plaza Suite Number
Your Contact Phone Number

$ 18.00
for one pound
E & Y Plaza Suite Number
Your Contact Phone Number
Regular $24.50

* NOTE: Restricted Tickets are NOT VALID
for the first 2 weeks of a film’s release
Box office prices might be higher for special showings

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